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                            Congratulations to the 2017 class of ASABE Fellows 

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      Sreekala Bajwa   Edward Barnes   Christopher Butts   Mark Casada  

                  Sreekala Bajwa                        Edward Barnes                        Christopher Butts                       Mark Casada


                       Indrajeet Chaubey   Michael Dukes     Michael Hirschi  

                                        Indrajeet Chaubey                       Michael Dukes                           Michael Hirschi

      Bryan Jenkins   Irenilza Naas   Erdal Ozkan   Dana Porter 

                  Bryan Jenkins                           Irenilza Nääs                            Erdal Ozkan                      Dana Osborne Porter


                                                          Sylvia Schonauer   Leon Schumacher 

                                                                  Sylvia Schonauer                  Leon Schumacher

                                                                          2017 Fellow Recipient Citations

ASABE defines a Fellow as a member of unusual professional distinction, with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in, or related to, the field of agricultural, food, or biological systems engineering. They possess a minimum of 20 years of active practice in, or related to, the profession of engineering; the teaching of engineering; or the teaching of an engineering-related curriculum and a minimum of 20 years as an active Member-Engineer or Member in ASABE.

This is ASABE's highest honor.

The Nomination Process
To nominate an ASABE member for the Grade of Fellow, the nominator visit the ASABE Fellows nominations website, linked below, and submit a nomination by April 15th.

 In order to submit and ASABE Fellows nomination, please visit the ASABE Fellows nomination website, create a login, and input your materials and letters of reference directly into the nomination form.

If you'd like to preview the required materials for an ASABE Fellows nomination, please click this link to view these required materials,


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