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Slotted Inlet Ventilation - 1998

Dedication Year: 1998

Location: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Plaque Wording: A Crucial Step In The Evolution Of Modern Animal Agriculture Was The Development Of Mechanical Ventilation Methods For Animal Housing. Air Inlets Are Pivotal To Good Ventilation. In 1948 William F. Millier, Working At Cornell University Under The Direction Of Professor Clesson Turner, Tested And Published The Concept Of The Slotted Inlet. Professor Turner And Others At Cornell University Subsequently Continued To Develop Slotted Inlet Systems And Systematize Design Methods. Slotted Inlets Were Quickly And Widely Adopted Throughout The United States To Improve Farm Animal Environments And Have Been The Most Widely Used Inlet Type For Mechanically Ventilated Agricultural Buildings.


Slotted Inlet 37 - 1Slotted Inlet 37 - 2 

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