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Projects Supported by Initiative Funds & Restricted Reserve

Below is a list of projects that have been made possible by the support of Initiative Funds and/or the Restricted Reserve. In developing an Initiative Fund proposal, it will be helpful to keep in mind the following:

  • Proposals in line with current Society goals are more likely to be favorably received. The current focus for the Society is on extending our influence, name recognition, and expertise recognition. 
  • Generally, proposals that include travel costs for participants for meetings are not evaluated favorably. 



  • $97,000 - Upgrade and customization of member database to effectively accomodate website re-build and expanded information needs. Funds approved from the Restricted Reserve.
  • $41,250 - NRES: Transform the Student Oral/Poster Presentation Competition over a five-year period to serve all technical communities while increasing options for student participation in the AIM.


  • $87,050 - Publications Council: Phase I of outside evaluation of the Publications unit. Funds approved from the Restricted Reserve.
  • $21,698 - EOPD-412: Professional Ethics Committee: Uses remaining funds from a 2015 award ($26,400 for 3 years), and updates, restructures, and combines the Ethics Video Challenge and the Ethics Essay Competition as an Ethics Competition; 6 year project.
  • $18,125 - CSBE/SCGAB: Facilitates engagement of students and establishment of a CSBE Student Association through transportation support to the CSBE Annual General Meeting; 2 year project.
  • $3,000 - Young Professionals Community: Partial support of graduate student involvement activities at the 2017 Annual International Meeting (AIM) as events transition into sustainable components of AIM.


  • $250,000 - Website re-build to approved wireframe and hire a web technology support specialist. Funds approved from the Restricted Reserve.
  • $100,000 - Website Usability/Digital Strategy Board Task Force: User research to take place in June and July of 2016 by The Understanding Group for ASABE Website work . Funds approved from the Restricted Reserve.
  • $20,000 - EOPD-414: E-book conversion for PE computer based testing; 3 year project.
  • $20,000 - project team of ASABE members: Redesign, develop, and populate a Biosystems Engineering Digital Library (BEDL) as a resource for training, education, and continuing professional development. 
  • $10,800 - P-120: Expanded student competition awards support for Robotics and Fountain Wars at 2016 & 2017 AIM.
  • $10,612 - ES-100: ASABE assume Technical Advisory Group leadership for ISO/TC 255 Biogas standardization.
  • $2,500 - Support for a board-selected NRES representative to engage with the ASCE/EWRI Curve Number Hydrology Review. Funds approved from the Restricted Reserve.


  • $47,100 - ASABE Standards and Technical Council: New ASABE Web Forums programming to improve the usability, reliability, security, and flexibility of the ASABE Web Forums. Funds approved from the Restricted Reserve.
  • $26,400 - EOPD-412 Professional Ethics Committee: Continuation of  the Ethics Video Challenge for three years. 
  • $11,000 - ESH-01 committee: An ASABE Student Chapter contest to develop a seatbelt and ROPS use video and logo marketing plan.
  • $7,500 - Young Professionals Community: Additional expansion of graduate student involvement activities at the 2016 Annual International Meeting (AIM) based upon the success of the 2015 AIM activities.
  • $7,000 - Young Professionals Community Executive Committee: Development and creation of a video to engage and promote standards involvement within the Society among young professional members.
  • $5,000 - Young Professionals Community Executive Committee: Purchase supplies for a central childcare gathering space for parents and their children at the 2016 Annual International Meeting.
  • $3,000 - Young Professionals Community: Continued expansion of graduate student involvement activities at the 2015 Annual International Meeting.  


  • $50,000 - Young Professionals Community: Development of a conference specifically aimed at young professionals.
  • $25,000 - ED-414 Professional Licensure committee: Development of an electronic reference manual for the agricultural and biological engineering professional licensure exam.
  • $19,200 - P-125 AEM Trophy Competition: A two-year project to refresh the AEM Trophy Competition, which rewards ASABE student branch activity. Extended to 2017 with no additional funds awarded.
  • $4,587 - Young Professionals Community: Funding spread over three years to provide a token gift for graduating college seniors to encourage membership renewal in ASABE.


  • $120,000 - E-05 Marketing & External Communications/E-Week Coordinating committees: Funding for ASABE's co-chairing of Engineers Week 2015. Funds approved from the Restricted Reserve.
  • $39,300 - ED-414 Engineering Licensure Committee: A Professional Activities and Knowledges Study (PAKS) in support of the Ag Eng PE exam. Funds approved from the Restricted Reserve.
  • $20,000 - Soil & Water Division: Development of a Soil & Water Division, Distinguished Scholar Series.
  • $17,500 - E-05 Marketing & External Communications/FFA Coordinating committees: To provide outreach support for attendance at the National FFA Convention for 2013.
  • $9,000  - AETC Committee: Financial support for students to attend ASABE's Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference in 2014. Up to $9,000 of matching student support i available for the 2015 and 2016 conferences.
  • $6,000 - Publications Council: Conversion of an existing textbook to an e-book.
  • $6,000 - Young Professionals Community: For Young Professional member engagement and expansion at the 2013 Annual International Meeting with the intent of developing a sustainable and longer term program.


  • $10,000 - Publications: Development of an agricultural and biological engineering reference manual.
  • $12,000 - Publications: Inclusion of the ASABE Technical Library in the CrossRef and CrossCheck systems.
  • $10,000 - Standards: Sponsorship of a seatbelt usage and ROPS logo contest.
  • $12,500 - Membership: Support for YPC efforts to develop membership retention materials.


  • $6,000 - Publications:  Completion of the addition of remaining volumes of ASABE journals to the online Technical Library. All volumes of the four ASABE journals are now available on the Library in full-text, the oldest being Transactions of the ASAE, Volume 1, 1958.
  • $10,000 - Standards: To develop a standards database that will be marketed to major North American agricultural trade associations and be offered on an annual subscription basis. The  database will feature a link between various equipment types and relevant, applicable standards.
  • $9,000 - Membership: To bring students from underserved schools to the annual international meeting. $3,000 per year, for years 2011 - 2013.


  • $22,000 - Public Affairs: To increase our support of Engineers Week from that of a minor sponsor to a major sponsor. The elevation gave ASABE a seat on the Engineers Week steering committee, provided greater visibility to the profession through such programs as New Faces in Engineering, and paved the way to involvement in several high-profile E-Week programs. E-Week sponsorship has subsequently been made a regular budget item.
  • $78,000 - Public Affairs:  To pursue a Public Policy Initiative that would engage the Society and advance the expertise of its members in public policy activities. ASABE entered into an agreement with the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) by which AIMBE has conducted outreach and advocated on behalf of the profession. In addition, AIMBE has provided a written monthly briefing of federal news and hired ASABE's first-ever public policy intern.


  • $20,000 - Membership: To purchase a 1/4 Scale display booth. The success of the International ¼-Scale Tractor Student Design competition, then three years old, was acknowledged with funds that were used to acquire professionally designed and fabricated display materials.
  • $80,000 - Standards: To add the position of the Technical Services Support Engineer and secured standards development software (our current eForums). The addition increased the level of staff support for standards. Contributions by several large equipment manufacturers supplemented the $80,000 Initiative Fund support.


  • $9,000 - Membership: To develop a student competition to directly address the need for interaction between professional, regulatory agencies and students to educate students about real world problems.
  • $50,000 - Administration: To develop a website for the Society.
  • $40,000 - Publications: To continue utilizing electronic technology to better meet member needs by developing and implementing an on-line peer-review process and for first year start-up expenses for web delivery.


  • $90,000 - Publications: To implement the plan for the online Technical Library providing the ability to effectively deliver all current ASABE publications via the internet.
  • $10,000 - Membership: Task Analysis for the PE Examination

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